Thompson Therapy

Dr. Thompson’s equine therapy program operates from the idea that within the horse-human interaction, moments of self-realization may eventually be experienced consciously and thus successfully integrated into one’s character and way of being. This may take shape in different ways for different people but the beauty of horse-guided therapy is in its simplicity.


The relationship between horse and human has been one of mystery and deep fascination for ages; inspiring countless myths, works of art, dreams, and more recently equine therapy programs that seek to directly reap the benefits of being close to this wonderful animal.


Dr. Thompson recognizes that the healing potential between horses and humans has more to do with the mystery and beauty of life than with scientific measurements of success. Offering a therapeutic program as a point of entry into a life that is self-sustaining, peaceful, centered, and conscious, clients are afforded a life-changing opportunity.

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Dr. Thompson-Dial

Owner/ Equine Therapist

Combining her knowledge of Depth Psychology and 

Trans-species Psychology, Dr. Thompson-Dial has developed a unique therapeutic model that offers a refreshing and real approach to modern day issues.


Her therapeutic technique is personable, honest, and organic. Working from a Jungian perspective of mental health, the entirety of the individual is taken into consideration and worked with in-depth.


As the goal of any mental health treatment model should be, Dr. Dial engages clients with the expectation that whatever issues they may have, their treatment will be specific and result oriented.

Cole Dial Esq.


Cole grew up in the  rolling hills of Indiana where his family raises and shows Belgian draft horses. Cole is also a former United States Marine. His experience as a Marine has transferred into his work with horses in always being able to maintain his bearing and fulfill a leadership role. 

When Cole is not busy at his day job as an attorney, you will find him riding and working the horses, leading trail rides, running Horsemanship Workshops and retreats with his wife, managing the property, and entertaining visitors and boarders. Working with Cole always guarantees  that you will have FUN and walk away feeling much more confident than when you came in.

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The Herd