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Dr. Thompson’s equine therapy program operates from the idea that within the horse-human interaction, moments of self-realization may eventually be experienced consciously and thus successfully integrated into one’s character and way of being. This may take shape in different ways for different people but the beauty of horse-guided therapy is in its simplicity.


The relationship between horse and human has been one of mystery and deep fascination for ages; inspiring countless myths, works of art, dreams, and more recently equine therapy programs that seek to directly reap the benefits of being close to this wonderful animal.


Dr. Thompson recognizes that the healing potential between horses and humans has more to do with the mystery and beauty of life than with scientific measurements of success. Offering a therapeutic program as a point of entry into a life that is self-sustaining, peaceful, centered, and conscious, clients are afforded a life-changing opportunity.


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Everything you need for a strong foundation
Women's Retreats
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“As someone suffering with PTSD, my walls are pretty solid. I have been working with Dr. Ashley Thompson, and her team of horses for just a short time now and already the difference is noticeable. The changes Thompson Therapy and Dr. Thompson’s empathetic approach have made in my life are nothing but positive. Each session is different and based on what you need that day, I have found this approach to be just what I need, as there is no pressure to do anything I am not ready for, which actually makes it easier to open myself up more. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Thompson (Ashley), and I strongly recommend her therapy program.”
-Former Client 'L.A.'
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