Dr. A.E. Dial

Owner, Equine Therapist

Dr. Ashley Dial (formerly Dr. Thompson) received her PhD in Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute of Carpinteria, CA. Unlike traditional Western psychology, Depth Psychology does not seek to label problems or prescribe quick fix solutions, instead it approaches mental health issues with compassion, love, empathy, and creates consciousness around what troubles us. Dr. Dial’s research and studies on the horse-human relationship have afforded her special insight into the psychological elements involved in equine therapies. In addition to her in-depth studies and education, Dr. Dial’s experience working on horse ranches gave her the advantage of complete immersion into the understanding of horses.


Combining her knowledge of Depth Psychology and Trans-species Psychology, Dr. Dial has developed a unique therapeutic model that offers a refreshing and real approach to modern day issues. Dr. Dial’s therapeutic technique is personable, honest, and organic. Working from a Jungian perspective of mental health, the entirety of the individual is taken into consideration and worked with in-depth. As the goal of any mental health treatment model should be, Dr. Dial engages clients with the expectation that whatever issues they may have, their treatment will be specific and result oriented.


Cole Dial, Esq.


Cole grew up in the green rolling hills of Southern Indiana where his family raises and shows Belgian draft horses. Having worked and traveled the country with the largest horse breed in the world, Cole has brought a wealth of knowledge to Thompson Therapy. His message to anyone that comes to work with the horses at Thompson Therapy is that horses respond best to "Genuine Kindness and Genuine Confidence."  Cole is also a former United States Marine. His experience as a Marine has transferred into his work with horses in always being able to maintain his bearing and fulfill a leadership role. 

When Cole is not busy at his day job as an attorney, you will find him riding and working the horses, leading trail rides, running Horsemanship Workshops and retreats with his wife, managing the property, and entertaining visitors and boarders. Working with Cole always guarantees  that you will have FUN and walk away feeling much more confident than when you came in.

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Kassie Shugars McCune


Kassie McCune leads the wellness ride program.  Kassie is a licensed mental health counselor in private practice, and draws on her education and experience to inform her interactions with riders during the wellness rides to create a relaxing, intentional equine experience. Kassie has long understood the positive impact that spending quiet time in nature has on one’s own mental health.


Recently, Kassie became the very proud owner of a beautiful and sassy Tennessee walker named Toto. When Kassie is not leading wellness rides at Thompson therapy, she is riding her own horse for pleasure, working in private practice, and pursing ongoing educational opportunities to further her clinical work. The wellness rides focus on providing you with a unique activity to get you outside and back in touch with yourself while socially distancing.